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Most of us get caught up in focusing on the undesirable behaviors our dogs express: jumping, barking, biting, stealing, chewing, ect., which doesn't allow us to see why the dog exhibits this behavior. Basic to our dog training, we need to ask ourselves what is the dog trying to tell me or what does he need. Often times the expressions of this type of behavior are a result of frustration, boredom, or confusion. Fulfilling and satisfying your dogs need for purposeful physical exercise, mental stimulation, socialization and understanding will go a long way toward alleviating these behaviors.

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer / Dog Behavior Specialist
  • Flexible scheduling for your family’s convenience
  • Private/Personal lessons to concentrate on your dog training needs
  • In home follow-up after your dog training program
  • Fun interactive activities and lessons for you and your dog
  • Student-dog only boarding and daycare

Thoughts to ponder


See yourself through your dogs eyes.

  • If you perceive threat... would you come or avoid?
  • If you hear shouting in anger... would you stand confidently or cowardly?
  • If you sense panic... would you feel anxious or calm?
  • If you hear unclear instructions... would you know how to follow?
  • If you experience something undesirable... wouldn't you do something different?

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